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Enjoy an Exciting Martial Arts Workout

If you are looking for the most incredible fat burning, muscle toning, cardio conditioning workout on the planet, look no further than martial arts. By attending regular martial arts classes you will not only learn the basics of self defense, but you will get into the best shape of your life. So, toss out your old, boring exercise routines and get involved in an exciting martial arts workout today.

A Strong, Healthy Body Is Waiting For YOU!

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A History of Karate

Karate is a defensive martial art form which focuses on open-handed counterattacking and shielding. The shielded theme of the art extends in a way to its murky history; those who developed it did so in utmost secrecy, terrified of the repercussions should their actions be found out by their tyrannical government. Due to this necessitated discretion, not everything about Karate's origins is known, and some aspects of its past have been constructed over the years through inference and speculation.

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Martial Arts for Bullying Prevention

Kids many times act out against other children and their main targets are other kids that are thought of as a bit passive and vulnerable. It's important for moms and dads to realize they cannot be by their children's side constantly. Self Defense and Martial Arts lessons are an excellent method for parents to better prepare their children to manage conflict and work towards bullying prevention.

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Selecting an After School Activity, Consider Martial Arts

If your kids have been asking to get more involved in an activity after school, consider trying Martial Arts. Children love to play with their peers, and they also begin to really become interested in different hobbies. As you are looking at all of the countless options for after school programs, check out the benefits that martial arts training could bring to your child.

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Martial Arts is a Great Way to Fight Childhood Obesity

Being overweight is not just a challenge that impacts men and women. Each and every day an increasing number of young children become an unhealthy weight or obese due to terrible eating habits as well as absence of healthy activity. You'll find it very important to teach girls and boys the right way to eat well and also persuade them to take part in physical exercise. However, the problem is children normally do not enjoy workouts and need to be motivated to drop weight. Taekwondo is a stimulating activity recognized for prompting kids to get physically fit while developing a talent they can use for the rest of their lives.

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Good habits are easy to break. Bad habits are hard to break. Good habits require energy. Getting to work on time, leaving work on time, exercising, eating right, phoning friends instead of watching TV – all these require thought and action.

It can take years to see the effects of any habit, good or bad. My fitness was best when I lived alone in Knoxville, Tennessee. Five days per week, right after work, I swam laps at the YMCA and/or worked out at the gym. My Y and gym memberships included some personal training, and the trainers were fairly good. Thanks to their coaching, which always emphasized form – and thanks to a lot of practice – my strokes and endurance improved, enabling me to perform well on a master’s swim team. As TaeKwonDo instructor Michael Reade likes to say, “Practice makes permanent.” I didn’t have a TV, so I wasn’t able to watch my favorite shows—“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” and “Battlestar Galactica” – unless I was visiting friends.

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Learn about Martial Arts Health Benefits

Along with other Martial Arts styles, TaeKwonDo can certainly help you lower your cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels as well as eliminate excess calories. You'll be able to eliminate 50 calories in less than ten minutes of TaeKwonDo. This particular sport entails a exercise which usually burns calories at the rate of 5.06 calories per minute. It does not get any better than that if you are trying to lose those additional pounds which have stacked on over the seasons. With a frequent workout program, you'll be looking toned and in shape before you know it.

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Exploring Different Types of Martial Arts

Like lots of various other sports activities, there are different styles and types when talking about martial arts disciplines. Forms of martial arts include traditions with codified techniques of combat practices that tend to be taught for a broad range of benefits, consisting of mental and spiritual development, exercise, self-defense and/or enjoyment. Usually, martial arts training are defined according to method, regional origin, techniques and application.

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Children Become More Fit using Martial Arts

If you're looking for a way to get your children off of the sofa and into a team physical fitness and health activity here in Katy Texas, think about the health benefits of martial arts for children. Forms of martial arts such as Taekwondo will allow your children to be physically top fit in a place that fosters team work as well as individual advancement. Training in Martial Arts will help a kid  to grow to be stronger, have significantly more energy and quickness in addition helps him to become flexible. With Taekwondo, a kid practices a variety of moves which include high kicks, springs and punches so she or he will get a beneficial cardio exercise session as well as strength program.

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New Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Katy Website

Welcome to the new Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Katy Website!  We recently launched a new site to give our members more ways to see what we are up to.  View our website to read more about all of the programs we offer at our Katy, TX Martial Arts Academy!

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