Enjoy an Exciting Martial Arts Workout



If you are looking for the most incredible fat burning, muscle toning, cardio conditioning workout on the planet, look no further than martial arts. By attending regular martial arts classes you will not only learn the basics of self defense, but you will get into the best shape of your life. So, toss out your old, boring exercise routines and get involved in an exciting martial arts workout today.

A Strong, Healthy Body Is Waiting For YOU!

A History of Karate

Karate is a defensive martial art form which focuses on open-handed counterattacking and shielding. The shielded theme of the art extends in a way to its murky history; those who developed it did so in utmost secrecy, terrified of the repercussions should their actions be found out by their tyrannical government. Due to this necessitated discretion, not everything about Karate’s origins is known, and some aspects of its past have been constructed over the years through inference and speculation.

he basis for Karate developed primarily on what is now the island of Okinawa, Japan. After his rise to power in 1477, King Sho Shin banned the ownership of all weapons. This spurred the people of Okinawa to refine and spread a method of self-defense that utilized only the body. Soon, various schools of fighting came into secretive existence in Okinawa’s main cities. A style of fighting called Te or ‘Hand’ would be taught and refined in these institutions over the next few decades – helped along by martial arts influences from off of the island. Even following the fall of the Satsuma rule in 1872 – and the subsequent absence of enemies – practitioners continued to learn and teach Te in secret. This secrecy came to an end in 1902; when Shintaro Ogawa, the Commissioner of Education, incorporated Te into the curriculum of the first middle school of Okinawa.

The styles of fighting varied somewhat from city to city, and thus had slightly different names. Collectively, the open-hand style was referred to as Okinawa-te, or Tode, ‘Chinese Hand’. The Chinese character used to write Tode can also be pronounced Kara, and so the style eventually became known as kara te, or ‘empty hand’. In 1917, Gichin Funakoshi staged the first public demonstration in Japan of the martial art form, impressing many Japanese and spurring the recognition of Karate as a high-value art form. Today, Karate is a popular style of martial arts taught in institutions all over the world.

Try Martial Arts for your Child’s After School Activity

For some time now, your child has been begging you to get more involved in an after school activity. Our children love to interact with their peers, and they begin to really become interested in different hobbies. As you are considering all of the different options for after school programs, think about the benefits that martial arts classes could bring to your children.

As you probably know, the United States is experiencing a problem with childhood obesity. Rates are extremely high, and children are not living the healthy lifestyles that they once were. A lack of exercise is a major part of the problem. By enrolling your child in martial arts, you are ensuring that he or she gets exercise on a regular basis. This physical activity can help to pave the way for an overall healthy lifestyle and an inclination toward exercise.

Furthermore, your children are also learning some skills of defending themselves. While you hope that your little one never has to use these moves outside of the studio, you can at least take comfort in the fact that he or she knows how to perform them. Aside from combative purposes, martial arts also teaches your children how to socialize with others in a disciplined setting.

Some activities fade away as children get older, but martial arts is certainly one that can stay with them. They can go on to earn different belts in the field, and they may even participate all the way through high school or college. When they are older, they might decide to offer lessons or open a studio of their own. Clearly, enrolling your children in a martial arts after school program is an excellent idea, and it can prove to be better than some of the other less interactive and physically active options available in town.

Using Martial Arts to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Unhealthy weight gain is not just an issue that affects men and women. Everyday an increasing number of young children become overweight or obese as a consequence of poor eating routines and not enoughhealthy exercise. You’ll find it important to teach your children information on how to eat the right way and also encourage them to take part in regular exercise. The catch is children normally do not like fitness and want to be doing something enjoyable to shed extra pounds. Taekwondo is a fun program known for motivating boys and girls to become fit and healthy while developing a skill they’ll be able to make use of throughout their lives.

Due to the fact children tend not to run around and play as they managed to do in the past, it’s important to ensure they are active. Boys and girls involved in martial arts disciplines burn calories while partaking in fun physical exercise. During a taekwondo training lesson your son or daughter can burn excess calories while getting more fit and self-assured regarding his or her appearance. As the child earns a belt they develop a feeling of pride in their unique successes and end up being more willing to lose the body weight. Young people in martial arts training partake in aerobic workouts along with vigorous movements triggering excess fat to disappear and be replaced with muscle.

Anytime a child is active in Martial Arts they have easy access to a great regular exercise routine and will discover a passion towards health and fitness. Parents will be very pleased when they notice the youngster learning a different talent and dropping the excess weight. Fighting childhood obesity has recently become critical with the escalating number of overweight and obese children around the United States. Martial Arts helps children lose pounds, tone muscle, and basically become all around healthier and happier. Taekwondo is likely to make your son or daughter slimmer, more limber, and will provide them with a method to defend themselves. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Keller Texas Academy children thrive as they get into healthier condition and become more confident!

Health Benefits of Martial Arts

There are many health benefits of Martial Arts. According to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Martial Arts activities such as TaeKwonDo, help to increase health and fitness. With TaeKwonDo, the blocking drills provide a good aerobic workout that strengthens the heart muscle, and the body also gets an intense anaerobic workout with sparring. During an anaerobic workout, lactic acid is triggered and promotes power, speed and muscle strength. The training involved in TaeKwonDo includes activities, such as push ups and kicking, that help build up both muscle mass and body strength.

Along with other Martial ArtsTaeKwonDo can help you lower your cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels and burn calories. You can burn 50 calories in less than 10 minutes of TaeKwonDo. This sport entails a workout that burns calories at the rate of 5.06 calories per minute. It doesn’t get any better than that if you’re trying to lose those extra pounds that have piled on over the years. With a regular workout routine, you’ll be looking trim and fit in no time.

Feeling stressed or fatigued? TaekwonDo will give you a workout that will definitely improve your mental health after a hard day at the office. With juices flowing and muscles moving, you’ll feel less stressed, energized and ready to take on the next day revitalized. The TaeKwonDo workout helps release natural endorphins and improve your mood. Feel less worn out and ready to carpe diem with martial arts. Both mentally and physically, you’ll just feel much better.

Other health and fitness benefits of Martial Arts include increased bone density and immune system. It’s a vigorous exercise that helps improve bone density and prevent potential osteoporosis. With this intense workout, you’ll also strengthen your immune system to ward off some diseases. All around the health benefits are Martial Arts are too great to ignore.

Different Styles of Martial Arts

Like lots of various other sports, there are a variety of styles when talking about martial artsMartial arts are traditions and codified techniques of combat practices which often are taught for a broad variety of motives, for instance mental and spiritual development, physical exercise, self-protection as well as entertainment. Usually, martial art forms are characterized according to style, regional origin, techniques and application.

TaeKwonDo is a Korean martial art form which combines self-defense and combat skills with exercise and recreation. The two branches of TaeKwonDo are traditional and sport. The names and symbolisms in classic TaeKwonDo often reference Korean religious school of thought and culture. Sport TaeKwonDo was created around the 1950s and it has a primary focus on competitiveness as well as speed. Even though you will find technical deviations in sparring, each highlight blows and kicks from a mobile stance. Instruction generally incorporate a system involving joint locks, throws, sweeps and a variety of take-downs.

Karate is a Japanese martial art design evolved by Gichin Funakoshi in Okinawa in 1922. It is a martial art style which is focused on the development of counterattacking and also shielding body movements. Its design is targeted on self-defense and combating, however its ethical and cognition components improve the central individual. In karate, one will never hit initially. It is a striking skill comprised of open-hand skills, kicking, physical strikes and restraints.

Mixed martial arts can be described as a contact sport which allows use of both grappling as well as combat methods starting from a range of basic positions and other sports. Its roots can be traced back to historic Olympic era. Mixed martial arts includes a clinch or even ground focus. Using the clinch main focus, Greco-Roman grappling, Judo, Sambo and freestyle are commonly included. Together with the ground focus, shoot wrestling, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Judo and submission wrestling will often be exercised. Some methods have been modified from their traditional form such as boxing techniques.

Why Should I Compete In A Tiger Rock Tournament?

Why Should I Compete In A Tiger Rock Tournament?

Tournament competition is about more than just winning medals, it is an essential element of martial arts training.

If you haven’t competed in a tournament yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. The benefits of tournament competition are so great, that if you asked me “What does it take to become a great martial artist?” I would respond with “a good teacher, practice, and tournament competition.”

Why are tournaments such a vital part of a martial artist’s training? Here are 5 reasons:

Reason #1: Tournaments let you test your skills.
You spend hours in class and at home developing your skills, drilling your forms, learning effective sparring strategies, working on your strength and flexibility… isn’t it time to put that training to the test? Tournaments offer a safe and positive environment for you to showcase your abilities and learn about what you need to improve. You will get feedback from the judges, as well as other competitors, on what you did well and what you should work on.

Reason #2: Tournaments help you overcome your fears.
One of the benefits of martial arts training is the ability to stay calm and clear headed in stressful situations. So how can a tournament help you to stay calm instead of panicking? Just ask anyone who has competed. When you step into the ring your adrenaline starts to flow. Your pulse quickens, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and your legs will feel heavy. This is a result of the “fight or flight” response, and in a tournament you will literally be conditioning your body and mind on how to handle these stresses. With each competition, you’ll become stronger and more confident. Tournaments force you OUT of your comfort zone, and while that doesn’t always sound pleasant, it is necessary for true growth.

Reason #3: Competition helps you stay motivated.
Like everything else in our life, our level of motivation never stays constant. We see this the most in children who are still learning about self-discipline, one day they are extremely motivated future black belts, the next day they want to quit altogether. Tournaments can help keep students motivated by providing them with “mini goals” throughout their training. Once you commit to competing in a tournament, you start to train harder. And then when you do compete, you feel a tremendous amount of pride in what you have accomplished.

Reason #4: You get to watch and learn from others.
When you train in your school, you usually end up sparring with the same people, over and over again. You eventually get used to the way they spar, and can start to anticipate them. Going to tournaments allows you to compete against new people that can challenge you.

Reason #5: You will become closer to your fellow students.
Tournaments offer a unique bonding experience for students. As you train together for a common goal, and then compete with and cheer for each other, you will become closer. You will also have the chance to meet with and create friendships with students from other schools. Nothing brings people together like a shared experience.

In the end, the benefits of competing in tournaments are much greater than any reason you could have not to. It’s about more than just competing and winning medals, it’s about taking your martial arts journey to the next level. If you do have any reservations or concerns about competing, I urge you to talk to your instructor about them. I know that once you experience all that tournaments have to offer, you’ll be hooked and looking forward to the next one!

Kids Get Fit using Martial Arts

If you are looking for a way to get your child off of the couch and into a group health and fitness activity here in Keller Texas, consider the benefits of martial arts for children. Martial arts such as Taekwondo will allow your child to become physically fit in an atmosphere that fosters team work as well as individual development.   Learning Taekwondo helps a child become stronger, have more energy and speed and also helps him become flexible. With Taekwondo, a child practices a variety of moves including high kicks, jumps and punches so he receives a beneficial cardio workout as well as strength training.

Taekwondo also provides a child with a form of self-defense. Children who can protect themselves often find that bullies leave them alone. Sparring with partners provides children with a chance to exercise while practicing self-defense moves. Warm up and cool down exercises before and after class may include meditation techniques and tips for controlled breathing.

Besides providing opportunities for physical fitness for kids, Taekwondo also increases a child’s self-esteem and focus. Unlike other exercise programs, your child will have to prove that he has learned all the requirements of his belt before moving up the ranks. This motivates a child to practice on his own and study the requirements for the next belt and set goals for climbing through the ranks.

Children can progress through the ranks and begin learning how to focus their strength so that they can break boards by punching and kicking. While practicing this feat, your child’s attention becomes stronger and more focused while he engages in aerobic activity.

As their balance improves and their muscles become stronger, children will find themselves able to kick higher and punch harder. They may also surprise you by wanting to incorporate other types of fitness activities such as running or weight lifting into their exercise routine to complement the exercise they receive at a Taekwondo class.